Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Dynamic Duo: Risks and Goals

I like card #1 in this deck. It's like this oracle's version of the Fool, even though this isn't a tarot deck. It does, in fact, refer directly to the Fool in the description, citing three versions of the fool from Ciro's tarot decks (see the image on the left) on the ground. This is the longest and most interesting description of a card in the deck, actually. There are two alternate meanings to the main meaning, but with similar implications. Basically, this woman is feeling vulnerable and wanting to take a risk, maybe taking a long time to do so, perhaps choosing between multiple options. It's that step before the Fool. Card #52 is a natural card to come after this card, so I liked getting these cards together. It's all about goals, direction and decisions. It feels very empowered next to the somewhat timid and vulnerable character in Card #1. But vulnerability is necessary in life, and so I really can relate to the feelings in this first card, but also the raw, directed energy in Card #52. All in all, a great combo! I find that taking action in a direction that pleases and inspires me gives me great energy and drive for life. That's something I hope to recapture in the latter part of this year.


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