Friday, September 9, 2016

Alone Time: This Week's Directive

Hello Folks,

I felt like blogging today, partially because I am still sick and I've been in an introspective mood. I've been thinking about alone time, so it's very appropriate that I received this card today. In fact, it's the very card I had in mind when I pulled the deck out, so I was very surprised to see it. But, these things do happen when the mind quiets down.

Originally, I had a host of social, familial and other such visits and obligations this past week. But...due to illness, we had to cancel them all, including my volunteer spot for walking yesterday with my daughter's class! Instead, I spent all day in bed, rejuvenating my body, mind and spirit.  It started with missing my niece's birthday this past Saturday, when my daughter came back from Eco Week with a cold, and then on Monday it passed to me. This entire week's social calendar has been wiped clean by the presence of this cold. I felt awful because one of my closest friends has a birthday today but I can't see her and risk giving her a cold as a birthday present. Not only that, but my voice has been (mostly) gone for more than 2 days, emphasizing the hermit energy yet more! Speaking of Hermit energy (tarot major #9), today is 9/9, during Virgo season. Stop! Hermit time. Hehe. I made a sign explaining my predicament in case anyone tried to talk to me.

In any case, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as this week draws to a close. I still don't have my voice back, but I feel a lot better physically and otherwise. My sense of smell is slowly but surely coming back, and I might be able to taste dinner tonight. What a thought!

As you know, things often just happen to us and force us to (in my case, literally) quiet down and return to center. I've noted that I've been feeling nervous and, admittedly, a bit obligated, about all the social engagements involved in a community school, plus friends and family. It's not that it's bad stuff, it's just that sometimes I really do need and want to be a hermit. I'm not like some of my friends who seem to thrive on near-constant activity. I tend to avoid extra events on a social calendar. I like to streamline my life in that way. But, I admit that sometimes this makes me feel guilty or that I'm rejecting other people. This isn't really the case, I'm learning. It's just a different mode.

So, I love that I pulled this card and that I had this week to myself (despite not feeling well), and I'm feeling ready to 'get back into it' with a bit more calm and awareness.


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