Monday, September 26, 2016

An Interactive October Cat Trio

See the charming South American pouch I found at the thrift store from Cusco? I found it and my Tarot of Pagan Cats Mini deck fits perfectly in it! The box was falling apart completely and I needed something sturdy. Hrmm...trying to decide if I like this effect I used on the photo. It is a combination of a softening effect and one of the Prisma filters. Seems a little too murky. Oh well! It's not that bad.

As I drew three cards for October I decided I wanted to DO something with this information. I find that, too often, I'm very passive about the divination I do here. I mean, at times I will use the information as a jumping off point, but I admit I've gotten lazy about that.

And this trio is an especially warm and active trio, I think. The Sun, Empress and Magician all showed up to play. These are very creative and 'sunny' cards. What comes to mind when I see these? I guess the energy of creation, of bringing something out into the world. Making stuff, nurturing people and things along, and feeling empowered to do so. It's actually a very vivid and encouraging trio.

I'm going to try to actively keep these concepts in mind for the month of October, and the remainder of September for that matter. No need to cool down activity as the weather begins to cool. For many people, things actually become busier and more feisty as the year winds to a close and the holidays approach.


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