Sunday, September 11, 2016

Similar Duos from September in 2015 and 2016

This is not particularly interesting, maybe, but I found it a funny visually and possibly déjà vu-ish! This time last year, in early September, I pulled the duo on the left, using the marvelous Tattered Nomad Oracle by Shaheen. I posed it on my lap atop a paisley skirt with the phrase, 'Sick, Sad Woman' as my blog title. That was one of the meanings for this duo that I saw floating around the internet and it amused me.  Then, recently, I pulled the duo you see on the right (which was edited using the Prisma App) again on a paisley skirt with the blog title, 'Stressed Woman'...hah! You could even add them together and get the sum of 'Sad, Sick, Stressed Woman.' Both could've been true! I have been down with a cold for the past week, but I wasn't too sad. Mostly sick. Then again, I guess I have been a bit anxious, though it wasn't so much about my cold. The cold actually afforded me some much-needed alone (Hermit) time. I admit I have noted, in looking back through my blog, themes coming up during different times of the year. Seasonal, cyclical themes and seem to come visit me annually.

Anyway. I guess that's all.


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