Friday, September 16, 2016

The Star and Hopeful Messages

A lot of the time, the most important part of reading tarot or oracle cards is the hopeful message they can impart. I can read them over and over again, giving me a healing focus and a place to center.

In this case, I pulled a few cards recently which had encouraging cards indicating a need for relaxation and personal healing. Something in this reminded me that all of us have unhealed wounds that we often ignore until they speak up loud enough for us to listen. As a parent, I often feel this with my daughter considering her medical history. She's doing so well now, but that anxiety that built up after years of struggle is one that is just under the surface, and gets triggered from time to time. I know this is something that every parent lives with, especially parents with children who have ongoing health issues. I am so grateful my daughter is doing as well as she is, but there are times when I doubt that I can move on from the experience I had with her, or I doubt her ability to learn and continue to grow (even though she's proven that she is incredibly tough and has done nothing but grow!) There is something of PTSD for all parents, really. We care so much that it hurts.

The cards I've gotten, and in particular the quote from the Broken Heart (reversed) card that you see on the bottom right, really resonates with me. I know that I have to continue to let go of my grief and fear. It won't help or serve me in any way. It doesn't protect me or my daughter. The Broken Heart (reversed) card says that it really is time to heal. It's past time! It's always time to heal. The Star provides the opportunity and the reminder of self-love.

The first quote (I forgot which card that's from, oh well!) speaks to the parts of me that sometimes find difficulty in moving on creatively or personally. It's about feeling confident in moving forward in whatever direction I choose. What matters more than anything in this case is that I feel pulled to the goal. That it feels good to me. It's not about being impressive or making money. It's about being self-honoring. I really like that phrase.


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