Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Mysterious Yet Hopeful Quad

Do you ever take photos or scans of readings then forget what you were reading about? D'oh! I hate it when I do that. In this case, I'm not 100% sure what I was reading about, but I think it was about my husband's work prospects for this year. Then again, maybe not? In any case, why not just tap into the positive concepts listed here, and not care what it's about? Why not, eh?

Hope, Growth, Patience and Gain. It seems very linear, showing that first inkling of fresh energy, the hope driving something toward a path of growth, the patience needed on that path, and the gain that follows. With this energy, I could see anything being nurtured to fruition.

Much Love,

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tell n' Show Tuesday: My Essental Oil Shelf

Excuse my super-artsy photo of this. Hah! The lighting on this side of the kitchen is really low, so it's hard to get a good photo. I used flash but the images are still a bit blurry of the bottles themselves. And then, as per usual, I had to add some random artsy effects to go along with it. Despite that, I'm sure you get the idea!

I just love my little essential oils shelf. It is from a local thrift store. The story about how I got it is sort of silly. I saw the shelf at the thrift store one day several months back, and I picked it up to look at it, but set it down only for a moment. A little boy, maybe 7 years of age, saw the small shelf and picked it up and ran off with it. I was disappointed because I had wanted the shelf but I lost track of it and someone else picked it up. I chalked it up to finders keepers and left it at that.

A week or so passed, and my mom, remembering that I wanted a shelf for my essential oils, found and purchased the shelf for me, not entirely remembering that I had seen that very shelf when we were together the last time at this thrift store. Maybe on an unconscious level she had remembered, but I was thrilled to get my mini shelf. My husband attached it to the wall near our tea nook (it fits perfectly on the thick wall edge, the place where the two walls meet) and ever since then I go over there, pretty much daily, to figure out what oils I am using for the day.

It's true, I don't really have a ton of essential oils. I'd love to have 200 times this, but the nice thing about having the smaller amount is that I can easily see what I have on hand because it's on the wall in my kitchen, within easy access, where I can select oils to use in salves, soaps, cleaners, bath soaks, solid lotion bars, cooking and more! In fact, I'd argue that this is why I try to keep the number of decks I have to under 40, so that I can actually use them. Even now, I'm pondering going down even further--maybe to 20 decks. But for now, I'll keep the number where it is.

Just yesterday I combined my two bottles of organic oregano oil (that I love adding to soups or Italian meals, or even taco meat), because I needed to make room for the bottle of Desert Essence organic lavender and tea tree oil essential oil blend. Plus, I really like keeping the oils on one shelf so I don't do something silly like accidentally drink drops of essential oil because I confused them for my bottle of liquid vitamin D3...hehe!

The older I get the more I want to streamline what I have, getting rid of or using up what I have already before getting something more that I don't really need. This is, admittedly, a habit that's hard to break, because I love fun, pretty and aromatic things. I'm always wanting to buy amazing oils, lotions, candles, and on and on. I could go shopping every day and buy something new--but I'm trying to break out of having to do that on a regular basis. It feels good to be more frugal.

So that's my Tell n' Show for today.


Monday, April 18, 2016

The Answer Deck's Riddle: Greed, Wealth & Reconciling All That

I got out The Answer Deck today, that diminutive little gem of a deck that can really pack a wallop. Sometimes this deck is a bit too intense for me, which kinda proved to be true today when I was reading with it, but I still love it nonetheless. In some ways, this reminds me of another of my favorite decks: The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

This reading was interesting to me, though its true meaning is sort of unclear to me. On either side of the reading we have Greed and Wealth--two cards which would definitely make sense to see together. With one often comes the other--due to human nature. The woman in the reading--does she reconcile the two? A desire for money and not wanting to be greedy? Or is reconciliation referring to something entirely different? I will definitely try to keep these concepts in mind this week.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Trio of Runes and My Daughter's Cycle

I felt like pulling the runes out last night, so I went ahead and pulled three runes and these are the ones I got. Granted, I am not as familiar with runes as some people are, since oracle cards and tarot are my primary divination choice, but I do love to use I-Ching and runes on occasion, and I find their answers to be very interesting and a refreshing alternative to tarot.

I looked up the various meanings to these three cards, and I was glad to see that none of them were merkstave (aka reversed), and for some reason I liked the pull so much that I left it out overnight next to my bed and fell asleep with it there.

Here are some super basic meanings for these runes, just for reference:

Dagaz: Balance, awakening, awareness, new change, vision
Thurisaz: Protection, regeneration, a catalyst, force
Jera: Cycles, a year, completion, harvest

So, I felt like this reading was somewhat momentous--showing a kind of almost forceful new beginning but with good consequences. I had no idea whatsoever what it was talking about, really, but this morning when I woke up and I was making breakfast for my daughter and she was getting ready for school she approached me and asked me how she would know if she had gotten her period. I asked her about it, and it turns out she had started her period!

The best part about all of this is that she seemed totally calm and nonchalant about it. I explained in a matter-of-fact but cheerful way how to use pads and when to check them and gave any other advice that came to mind. We were both almost relieved--I had been noticing her moodiness and growth over the past year or so. I was very impressed by how smoothly it went. I thought about how much I had agonized over how to deal with it, since my own menstruation cycle did not begin on the best of terms. I was in the middle of math class and it started--and I was teased and tormented by my classmates. Ugh!

But...I was so proud of my daughter and how she really took it into stride. She said something really funny and cute along the lines of, 'Oh, well that all makes sense! I look and feel like a little woman." Of course, that could change, but she knows I will be here if she has any questions. There is something to be said about allowing a space for things to come in--letting yourself soften into the experience instead of cringing and waiting for all hell to break loose, a habit that I am trying to extricate myself from.

I remembered the runes I pulled last night when I came back to the house after dropping off my daughter, and I reached for the bag and pulled a rune about my daughter's cycle, and the Dagaz rune came up again, which was part of the trio from last night.

Much Love,

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Therapeutic Benefit of Opening Up

Here is a very vivid duo from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart (app) that I pulled. I got the 3 of Swords a couple of times yesterday and I kept thinking, 'Ick, ick, thanks.' But when I saw this duo I saw in it a gem of a recommendation. And that is, that if you feel sad, tired, isolated or otherwise constricted into a ball energy-wise (see the figure in the 3 of Swords), then the solution is to open up. I love how this is illustrated in both of the cards. The arms spread open, things flowing again. As I was saying to a friend of mine today who I met with--sometimes, even though sadness makes us want to isolate ourselves, we are better off opening up, whether it's to another person, or to a journal, counselor or other outlet. Keeping energy tightly closed down is a sure fire recipe for feeling unwell.

I've noticed, lately, that I feel (somewhat inexplicably) tired, drained and overwhelmed. I mean, I can point to mundane day-to-day reasons why, but I think the underlying reason is that I have not really  been paying attention to what needs nurturing. I am somewhat going through the motions with most things. I'm not taking many emotional risks or really seeking out my heart's desire. When I find myself feeling sad, blah or otherwise flat-lined about things, I think opening up possibilities and seeing what else I can bring in is a great idea. I am going to work on this instead of ignoring my physical and emotional cues that I am not really functioning as well as I want to be.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

When Oracles Read Your Mind: Thinking of My Grandmother

The other night I was doing my nightly ritual (by ritual, I mean that in the loosest way possible) of unwinding and pulling some cards before bed. I like to use mellow oracle decks when doing this--as I don't want violent, insane images to haunt my sleep.

I was thinking about my maternal grandmother, and our recent visit to Texas to visit with her (along with my other grandmother and other relatives if we had the time) and how I'd felt this sense of urgency to see her, since she turns 90 this month and is losing her short term memory to such an extent that she simply cannot remember anything moment to moment.

I thought about how ambivalent I was about the trip, which we took during my daughter's spring break from school, and how part of me didn't want to see my grandma with advanced memory loss, perhaps a shadow of her former self, and how the other part of me was screaming at me urgently that if I wanted to see her I needed to go this year.

Anyway, as I reflected on the trip I thought about pulling cards about this trip, but I had no idea how the cards could possibly reflect the spring break trip to see my grandma. I thought about the only card in the deck, that I could recall, that has an older woman in it--which is that red hat lady in the Express Your Individuality card. This spunky lady reminded me of my vibrant grandmother, who I have always enjoyed and admired. Even with her considerable memory loss, I still see her this way.

In any case, I pulled four cards out of the oracle deck and turned them over. What I saw amused me. We have the Travel card, the Spring card, the Everything's OK card, and the Expressing Your Individuality card, the one that had been in my mind when thinking about my grandma. I felt like I couldn't have hand-picked better cards to represent what I had been thinking about.

In short, I was glad to have seen my grandma, and both of my grandmothers, even though it isn't really easy to see them in their current state--weakened. It still felt right, and important. It's this sort of thing that keeps me reading oracles--the things that can be plucked from the cards to affirm whatever's happening right now.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Broken Bridge: Fall Apart, Why Dontcha?

I really love the fantastic, dramatic aspect of this card. It's a lot like the Tower, but, in my experience, it isn't necessarily as stressful as the Tower. I'm probably asking for trouble by saying that, but there you go. Like the Tower, this card can show weak links in a plan, or can show starting from scratch altogether--going in a new direction out of necessity. This is OK by me. I won't even begin to speculate about this card's presence in my pulls recently. I think I've gotten it two or three times in the past week or two. But that's OK. I'm just putting it here, mostly because it looks cool. And to keep a record so I can go back and take note of when I pulled it.

Much Love to You Folks,

Friday, April 1, 2016

A Friday Duo: Problem Solving

It's the first day of April, otherwise known as April Fool's Day. I admit it...I am not much of a prankster. But, I can admire people who feel comfortable pranking others. I probably am not the best sport in terms of being the recipient of pranks...but anyway!

I feel like the month of March flew by without much explanation--I guess--except for the trip we took in the middle of it. I've just felt like time has flown by every day. I feel a little frantic and overtired, like my hormones and adrenals are struggling to keep up. I'm not a bad mood, per se, but I just feel a little off kilter, which I think happens a lot to most of us.

Because I still find longer readings overwhelming, I decided to simply pull two cards. The first card is the Inkpot card, showing something needing to be worked out in some way. The Ladder card as the other card shows that success, and those improvements can occur. There seems to be the implication here that it will require work. There's a single card pull that I lazily didn't photograph that happened right before this--it was Table--the card indicating hard work.

So, there's a sense of improvement through good, old fashioned hard work, or simply putting energy into something. Not to the point of burnout, which will have the opposite effect that is desired. I think this is a kind of pat on the back, or maybe a shove forward, a call to keep moving forward.