Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ace of Pentacles Strikes Twice

This probably would've been more effective had I left the Ace of Pentacles card image in the mini clipboard (on left)

Last night I decided I should play with my neglected Housewives Tarot. I pulled a card and it was the Ace of Pentacles. This made me smile because, not an hour before, I had just changed the card on my mantle (the mini clipboard that displays my Albano-Waite mini pulls) because it had been, for the longest time, showing the Ace of Pentacles. It's been up there a couple of weeks, maybe? I think this decision was motivated by greed. Maybe I thought I could visualize crap tons of money coming in. So I decided to put a new card up there, which happened to be the 6 of Wands (see the image). But when the Ace of Pentacles decided to revisit me I opted to make note of it here. Haha.

Just a silly little anecdote for you all.


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