Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Vernal Equinox!

Hey Everybody!

It isn't even my birthday (yet) and I already received a wonderful birthday dad gave me one of his computers so I am no longer sans-computer and I can blog again! Woo-hoo. So, here it is.

Actually, I've had the computer since Saturday's triple birthday bash (my dad's birthday is March 21st, mine is the 27th and my brother's is April 6th), but I haven't really gotten into my photo editing, blogging and the like yet. What better day for new beginnings than the spring equinox?

I'm using the Tao Oracle by Ma Deva Padma, one of my favorite card iterations of the I Ching. This is one of my favorite hexagrams--35. Progress! It feels like opening a dark door onto a sunny morning. It feels fresh and vibrant to me.

Here's a quote from changing line 5--the one I got:

"The sun rises throughout the morning, increasing its bright and life-affirmative quality; upon reaching its zenith at midday, it naturally moves into descent and the gradual darkening of the light ensues. As it is above, so it is below. This is how all life works. Don't fall into the trap of looking for some way to improve upon it by hurrying the natural progression along. Everything is absolutely perfect as it is."

Lovely sentiment, isn't it?

Love to y'all,

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