Friday, March 31, 2017

My Daughter's Journey: Growing Pains, Stability and Moving Onward

I had my cards out to do an e-mail reading for a friend and before I did the reading I pulled a quad of cards for myself, and I'm glad I did. Sometimes if a reader has a lot on their mind or otherwise has energies that might interfere with the reading, it's not a bad idea to 'clear the deck' by doing a quick reading for yourself. It's almost like visual journaling to clear your head before proceeding.

My daughter, fiery volcano that she is, can be very moody at times. I do a lot to support her nutritionally and emotionally, but there are a lot of times where it never seems like enough (I'm sure all of you parents can relate to the parent guilt involved in this thought process), so I like to check in periodically to give myself a little boost of encouragement.

This morning, after my daughter had been in a very positive and stable mood for most of the month, which I was very happy about, had a bad morning and the school called me. My daughter had requested that she go home. She seems a lot better now and said she was just relieved to be home. She didn't like the pranking and loudness of the day in class today and I think she just wanted some quiet time. I remember feeling like that a lot as a kid. I was very sensitive to other people and noises (on many levels). It took a while to learn to shield myself emotionally and otherwise, from the intensity of life here on earth, but I think every year I've gotten better, and I can only hope the same (hopefully better) for my daughter.

So, I see a lot of this reflected in this four card reading here. The Daughter of Wands is my daughter's card, and the Ace of Pentacles as well as the Ten of Pentacles feels like stability and groundedness. I think sometimes we all just want to feel at home, literally or otherwise. I think the World points to her growing and moving forward. I know I always see this card as an opportunity to recognize that we're always moving and growing and evolving toward the next phases of our lives. Since it's the last card in the major arcana it shows a readiness to move forward. I am truly glad to see my daughter growing and changing more and more every year.

As parents we hold the space for our children. We can't shield them from everything. We can provide help, support and even protection when needed, but we can't (and shouldn't) make them think they can't have difficult experiences. These are the things that teach them about themselves. But they're also the hardest for parents to allow.


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