Monday, April 17, 2017

Color-Fool Advice

Hello Folks,

I received this card from the Shadowscapes Tarot a week or two ago. I'm just now getting around to posting it. This is a very stylized filter, but I liked the colors and shapes in it, even though you probably can't tell what it is unless you're familiar with the deck.

It's been a rough past week with my grandma dying and other things, but I find myself trying to embody the energy of the Fool card. Trusting, opening, spreading out and moving forward...not doing what is often the instinct when something stressful happens...which is to contract.

I like this quote about the Fool from

At this time; you benefit by pouring all your energy into the task at hand. If you get too caught up in wonder/worry over the future or spend too much time looking back at the past, you stop moving.
You can only discover how much you are capable of if you are willing to make the most of the circumstances you find yourself in presently and learn from them as you go. This is a card of embracing fresh starts and new beginnings and that happens by living fully, wholly in the present.

I know that I get in damage control mode when I feel stressed, but once I can step back from that, given time and self-care, I am more able to put things in perspective and not feel so battered by the sometimes harsh energies of life.



  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma! I'm sure she will be missed.

    As for the card, pouring your energy into self-care sounds like a good idea. I wrote a post this week with seven suggestions for how to destress, if that might help? (

    Sending you big hugs,

  2. Very cool! I enjoyed your blog post, Chloe. I also read your newsletter. I think it's wonderful that you've been expanding the definition of who you are out in the public...scary as that process may be. Authenticity and vulnerability are so important. I love Brene Briwb's work on that...even though it dies scare me!

    1. Errr...Brene Brown and does, not dies! I meant to edit before posting that comment. 😝

    2. Tee hee, I knew what you meant. And yes, I love Brene Brown, too :)

  3. Wishing you much comfort and nourishment at this time. I hope you are soothing yourself with whatever makes you comfortable and warm. Big hug across the ocean. Monica

  4. Thank you dear Monica! You're always so lovely. I'm working on self nourishment for sure. Hasn't been easy this past month or year, really. Having a daughter going through puberty and having mood issues is challenging but I'm trying to support her and myself as much as I can while staying sane(ish). I know life with a toddler takes tons of energy so I'm sending you good mojo too. Xxxxoo, MM/Hannah