Wednesday, May 31, 2017

An Illuminating Quad: Phone Fiasco

I decided to pull out my newly purchased Illuminated Tarot, and pull a quad of cards regarding my current phone fiasco! My iPhone has been locked out of its Apple ID, and having trouble-shooted the heck out of this thing I am still on the prolonged waiting end of things. It's been over a week now and Apple is still giving me the run-around, saying it could take as few as three days and as many as a month to get my account accessible again. Ugh. Security protocols!

So, I decided to pull four cards about it, to see whether any resolution was forthcoming. Overall, the reading was fairly encouraging, I suppose. The 2 of Diamonds shows up first. In this deck, this card combines something of the energy of the High Priestess with the 2 of Pentacles. It shows something being juggled. Maybe they are trying to figure it out? I hope that means they're busy with a solution. The next card to follow was the 9 of Clubs, a fairly happy card indicating clarity and success, directly correlating to the Sun card in tarot. The third card is the 8 of Spades, similar to Justice, again perhaps showing something being worked out. It kinda made me think, 'red tape' if you get my drift. The final card in the spread is the 10 of Hearts, which corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune. The only description given in the book was 'Plans set in motion' at least that shows movement of some kind.

I'll try to update this reading when I hear more!


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