Thursday, May 25, 2017

Newly Acquired: The Illuminated Tarot

Today I was feeling kinda blah and in need of a tarot-related pick-me-up. To that end,  I walked into the local Barnes & Noble book sellers with $20 and the intention to find a deck under $20 that looked interesting to me. If I didn't see anything that interesting I wasn't going to spring for anything.

Happily, I was not disappointed when I came across Caitlin Keegan's Illuminated Tarot. What a cool hybrid tarot/playing card deck! The box is lovely, the design is classic, the colors gorgeous. Even the card stock is interesting, fairly thick with a semi-gloss corrugated look. The concept is also really neat, although I admit that, at first, I found it confusing to read with, because I was still seeing it through the lens of a traditional tarot deck. Once I adjusted my 'Tarot Vision™' I managed to really enjoy this deck. It may take a while to get to know the meanings and associations with the major/minor cards, but I think it will be worth it.

I think I may use this deck exclusively for a while---perhaps for the entire month of June, or longer if I find it a meaningful pursuit. I've noted my readings with specific decks are more accurate and easier/faster to read when I've been using a particular deck exclusively/over consecutive days.

My phone is having issues (it may take a few days to fix) and so I had to use my husband's old iPod to take these photos, then make an awkward collage with them. Ha. But anyway.

To see more images from the deck, see this video intro


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