Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Repeat Cards in App Readings

I've gotten a number of tarot and oracle apps for my phone, since it's a fun 'fidget' thing to use for a quick reading, or if I don't happen to have a physical deck on me at the time. One thing I like about tarot and oracle apps is that it is easy to get 'repeat' cards and messages, without having to shuffle cards back into the deck. And although I love these apps and there are so many different and beautiful styles available, sometimes a simple app, such as this Classic 1910 Tarot App, is just perfect.

This reading that you see here is a prime example of this repeat card phenomenon. The reading is about my daughter and her school experience, and I was gratified to see her significator card come up as the first card (Page of Wands) and then again later in the reading. The Strength card also featured twice. And I felt confident that the reading was addressing my question because my daughter's card was in the reading (twice) and the second card is the Page of Pentacles, a card I associate with schooling.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this with you all, as I'm sure many other people have had this repeat card experience with apps.

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