Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Eight of Fire: End of Delays?

Goofy photo. Do you like my bandage accessory? I picked some pretty colorful ones. :D
UPDATE: So, it turns out that a few hours after this happened I finally got the recovery information to get my phone unlocked. Turns out, according to my husband who has the date and time saved, that I was without the phone for a full month. Ugh! Anyway. It's nice to see this card was accurate. I got this card a few times in the past day or so.

So, my phone is still out of commission. Three plus weeks in. Yep. So, because my hubby is not home and I can't use his phone to take pics I am using my Photo Booth but the image isn't very clear. I apologize! In any case, this is the 8 of Wands, a card I've gotten a few times in a row recently. The caption for this card (on the card itself) says:

"Events moving at a fast pace. Delays are over. Many things happening at once."

I hope this pertains to my phone issue, which has been delayed for quite some time. I would LOVE for this week to be the week that the recovery for my phone is completed. Oy.

Of course, it can also means lots of e-mails, calls and texts (of course the latter two are impossible at the moment due to my phone being 'in recovery') and communications in general. Often, if I receive this card I hear something within one or two days maximum. I don't mess around a lot with timing and readings, but I would call this a 'fast' card...probably the fastest timing card in the deck. I remember a particular reading where I received this card, plus the ace of pentacles, and within an hour or two, I had a check to me in my mailbox.

One can hope!

Much Love,

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