Friday, June 16, 2017

From My Bag of Forgotten Oracle Cards: The Shining Tribe Tarot

Ace of Birds, left and 4 of Stones, right
Greetings Dear Readers,

Digging through my closet to find a bag large enough to put my dad's Father's Day gift in, I found a bag of decks that I had put aside to gift/give away. Some of these I like OK but they aren't my favorite decks--I've somehow fallen out of favor or out of rhythm with them. Others I just really didn't like at all and tried to like them but couldn't force it. In any case, I emptied the bag and put the decks on the top shelf of the study closet so I could get a better look at the contents of this forgotten bag of oracles.

Amidst these discarded oracles is a deck, The Shining Tribe Tarot, that I have had for a number of years. I used to use it quite a bit, but for some reason I haven't been using it the past few years, and I found myself sorting it out into the 'donate' pile. But now I'm reconsidering this. There's something quietly profound about this deck and its primitive, colorful imagery. Rachel Pollock did a lovely job with the book and deck, really. Sometimes I'm in the mood for the style and substance of this deck and other times it doesn't feel right. That's the thing with oracle decks. You can be totally in love with a deck one year and be utterly sick of it by the next. But that's why I do try to cycle through my decks periodically, though I do have favorites.

Here are the basic divinatory meanings for the two cards I chose, though the longer descriptions given in the book are definitely worth a read:

Ace of Birds: Truth, wisdom, sadness, honesty. Looking into the mysteries of life and death. Intellectual rigor and courage. The soul in its search for meaning. 

4 of Stones: Stability, structure, security, including economic security. All of these do not control or stifle the person, but rather create opportunities. Good relationships. Discoveries, especially of wonder in simple things. A look into the past. 

That feels like a fairly balanced duo, doesn't it? A good blend of mind, body and spirit. Practical, but reaching out for something deeper, too. This is my two card focus for the present. The Ace of Birds (Swords) seems almost harsh when you read it, but it's nothing but personal truth and honesty. It's not looking to be harsh or mean in any way. It's just looking at current circumstances with an unbiased eye (as much as possible). This reminds me of the Power Path website's theme for June: Reality Check. A good read if you want to check it out.



  1. Love the crazy photo! What I see is a new idea that can cut through the stability, leading to a new, stronger base. Or your soul looking for the way to be stable that will best support you :)

    Good luck with that ;)

    1. Thanks for coming by! It's hard keeping up with blogs. I definitely don't do a great job of it. Yes, I haven't used these cards in ages--I might do it again for a while. Hugs...MM