Monday, June 5, 2017

Horse Camp Success

Today was the first day of a three day horse day camp. My daughter loved it! These are some cards I pulled this afternoon. I think they reflect the good feelings and outlook of this camp. My daughter is really, really into horses lately--though she has always liked them. We thought a summer activity would be great for her. Last year she did a few different activities and they were OK but she wasn't really super excited about them. I'm glad to see her more keenly interested in something rather than just thinking something is just alright.



  1. They're pretty spot on cards for the horse camp, aren't they! The 'well' and 'candle' make me think that your wish is for her to find that thing she finds interesting, which she indeed has!

    1. I agree! I love how cheekily straight-forward the cards can be, don't you? I like enigmatic stuff as much as the next tarot reader, but I love the confirmation of this. She did have a great three days at her horse camp. She seems a little tired and isn't going to ride immediately after this--but she said maybe a little while later she'll do it again. It was definitely the most interested in a summer activity that I've seen her. Hugs! Hope you've been having a good June so far. Did you find April and May as nutty as I did? XO, MM