Monday, June 12, 2017

Mind Over Matter? Visualizing a Mental Victory

Greetings Fair Readers,

So I popped over to the online Artist's Inner Vision Tarot, and pulled this single card as a daily meditation. I received the 6 of Wands, a card of victory and optimism, something I honestly haven't felt too much lately.

Something I particularly liked about this card, besides the visual, is that it mentions the importance of believing in a better outcome or better option. It's helpful to remember this, even when we're especially grumpy about the state of things.

Once we get stuck in the same firing of mental pathways and in the same emotional and even spiritual ruts (Hideous Life Cycle™) we start to drain all energy or desire for things to change. I can see many examples of things in my life that were stuck for a long time in a place where I didn't want them to be. Half the battle was fighting against what was--and the other half was not knowing if anything better was possible. But I do think it was, even if these things don't always happen in the time frame that we would like. We want everything faster.

In any case, I appreciated the focus and the reminder, even while I might soon forget it. That's why I rely on tools like the tarot--it can be a visual, verbal and intuitive reminder that we always have things to work on, but also things to look forward to, regardless of whether we can see them in the moment.


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