Thursday, June 22, 2017

Motivation Confirmation: Two Touchstones

I'm listening to the weekly Michael Neill show on HayHouse Radio, and the topic is motivation--basically, instead of thinking of ways to 'force' yourself to be motivated to do things, you instead 'uncover' what it is you already want to do. Because you want what you want and you don't want what you don't want. And it makes sense to me to work with what we want rather than fight upstream against what you we think we should do but don't really want. I think this is stellar advice.

So many times I've forced myself to go against the flow of my wanting, and it never ends well. Maybe, at first, it looks good and it's all polished and well thought out, but it's not authentic. It's fine and dandy...but it's not what we want. These two cards I pulled from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot represent the energy behind my true motivation--what I really want, what really pulls me. The flowing forward motion of the 8 of Wands--spontaneity and momentum. To me, the 8 of Wands is one of the best cards in the deck to represent momentum. The natural flow and quickness of this card is one that always makes me feel more alive.  And the honest energy of Integrity, though seemingly boring, is actually really freeing because it is us expressing the real us in the moment, without so many layers of overthinking and hesitation. It's like going down a slide and feeling swept up in the fun of it. I'm sharing some of the key phrases from both cards (see the box on the lower left side of the image) because I think they're perfect for this.

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