Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Showing My Artwork: Rider & Fish

Yesterday I was out and about with my family in a local coffee shop and I noticed (not for the first time) a series of art pieces for sale. There were maybe a dozen pieces by a single artist, and when I asked the barista about it, she explained that there was a new artist each month showcased. I have been to this particular coffee shop many, many times, which includes a bunch of times before it changed owners, and have considered showing some art pieces there, but beyond a handful of painted necklaces I have not done this. The barista also commented that it was very common for several pieces to sell. This piqued my interested and it made sense to me, since I noticed that most of the shows were of smaller pieces that were priced lower (under $100), and that this was the sort of work I did as well--I tend to do smaller pieces rather than giant paintings, and I tend to put a lot of detail in my work rather than make the work bigger. Small and medium-sized pieces are actually still quite time-consuming, but I think that I have never been particularly drawn to making large pieces.

In any case, the barista gave me the business card of the café owner and said I could contact her about selling some pieces, so I did so this morning, passing along to her some examples of my paintings and asking a few questions. So, this two card reading I pulled reminds me of that. In fact, I pulled it a few minutes before actually deciding to follow through with the e-mail. The Rider card often shows a message or delivery or some sort. The Fish card is frequently about finances or career. So the combination definitely seems like a message about a business-related proposition. Looking at LearnLenormand.com:

Rider + fish (34): financial news, business news, a businessman

Over at the TarotTaxi.com site it says:

Rider + Fish = Financial Mail

Well, anyway. You guys get the picture. I admit I am always nervous when putting myself out there in any way. Regardless of whether I end up doing the series. I definitely get a bit of commitment phobia when it comes to these things. Haha.  Overall, though, I've been pondering doing something like this for quite a long time, so sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it, busting through the ennui and trepidation along the way.


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