Saturday, August 5, 2017

Door to Door Organics: Resuming Online Grocery Shopping

So here are three cards I pulled about resuming an online grocery delivery service we have around here called Door to Door Organics. The basic premise is that you first pick the size box of produce that you want, and then specify whether it is fruit, vegetables or a mixture. The sizes are Bitty, Small, Medium and Large. From there, you can shop for other pantry items and have them delivered as well. The selection isn't perfect, and I still have to get some items at the store, but it reduces grocery store trips quite a bit. I've done it on and off for the past several years but after getting sick of being at the grocery store so much again recently, I've decided to resume it, with a specific budget for how much I can spend per week. I'm trying to lower my food budget, which is higher than I would like it to be.

When I pulled these cards I found them interesting and a little humorous. The Door card seemed sort of tongue-in-cheek, echoing the name of the company. The Box card also made me think of your selection of produce box, and the Jug card made me think of a few things--one being a jug of milk (in our case usually almond or coconut milk), but also the opportunity to make things easier and more fun for myself by not being at the grocery store so much. I think the idea of budgeting and meal planning doesn't SOUND fun at all, but when it enables you to have more freedom and less time at the grocery store (and hopefully more money for other things, ultimately) then it is worth the trouble.


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