Monday, August 7, 2017

End of Year Tarot Reading: August Through December

Here's a pull a did for myself regarding the influences of the latter part of this year, from now through December. I haven't yet analyzed it (except briefly) so here are my general impressions of each card:

3 of Wands: Setting off into unexplored creative territory. The guy only has his bindle, or whatever you want to call it, full of stuff. Not much stuff. He's traveling light. I feel this sense of creative freedom when looking at this dude. He's smiling gently. He isn't super stressed about the journey.  This is absolutely how I would like to feel ending this year. I feel like there was a lot of chaos and a lot of difficult things to process this past year. I would love to just dive into something creative and joyful, or at least not overtly stressful.

Intuition: One of the majors, and a 'theme' is the very straightforward Intuition card. Being guided by it, having it play a role in my life. It also feels a bit 'Halloweeny', doesn't it? I love the fallish part of the year, weather-wise and theme wise. Sometimes I get nervous about the school year (this year more than ever because of her puberty/changes on so many levels), but I want to retain that sense of wonder at the end of the year. Where things are wrapping up and you can reflect on all that went on. This past year (beginning at the end of last year) was hard at times, with my daughter having some stresses/anxieties at school and puberty happening, and my grandma dying. I just felt consumed by those two things, I think. My own desire to further my interests creatively or otherwise, really took a back seat, which is OK. I don't mind that necessarily, but what I don't like is feeling like I'm so stressed that I can't/don't want to focus on myself. Anyway...I'm rambling here.

The Mother: Again, I could probably just point you to the thing I just wrote about having stress about parenting the past year. That stress has really covered my entire mothering experience, but with my daughter moving into 'young lady' status, and having to navigate her unique stresses, I think I felt especially pressured this past year. I want to embody all the best aspects of mothering rather than just the intense anxiety of it.

Desire: This is a card I haven't really figured out. I mean, again, it's a pretty basic theme, and there are a lot of ways to look at it. This is going to sound silly, but when flipping through the deck I sort of avoid this card. I don't know why. Sort of weird and telling, right? Like I'm afraid of the concept of desire. But the card itself just feels like it's someone looking at their ideas and passions--something that's really necessary in order to have a focus and move forward in life.

The final card I chose, as an overarching theme for the remainder of this year is the 10 of Wands. In this deck it has a different flavor than the traditional card in some ways. But there are some similar threads, such as managing your energy in a way that benefits you. This guy is a master at working his energy. He is like a powerhouse of well-managed personal energy, a bit of a departure from the guy struggling with the bag of sticks on his back. This card really radiates power and purpose. I think this, again, points to managing our energy well. Learning how to direct it into the ideas and activities that serve us well. Everything else is necessarily burned off--or beautifully balanced.

All in all I think these are good and important themes that I can certainly try to remember going into the rest of this year.

Much Love,

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