Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The 3 of Wands: Clarify Your Goals and Burst Forth

There is something about this deck, The Wild Unknown Tarot, that just really reads in such a simple, elegant and beautiful way. I truly think they did a gorgeous job of matching the meanings to the images in a way that wasn't too flowery or overwhelming. I like all stripes of tarot decks (well, maybe not quite all) but sometimes it's refreshing to have a deck with only a paragraph or two of description that is very evocative and poetic, but in a way that's extremely easy to relate to. I find that the trend nowadays seems to be toward making the tarot and other oracles more accessible, which makes sense. We don't want the tarot to seem untouchable or confusingly mystical. We want everyone to use it with ease and practicality, right?

In any case, not only is this one of my favorite cards visually in this deck, but I am pretty fond of the description as well. Plus, I think it's relevant to me. Yesterday I pulled the 3 of Wands (with another deck) as the first card to represent my journey into the remainder of 2017. Now, this adds another layer of meaning to the 3 of Wands, and a confirmation of yesterday's reading.

Don't you just love the colorful, rainbow-y vortex into another dimension of creativity shown in this card? I also like the concept of reclaiming your creative mojo hinted at in this version of the 3 of Wands. I do find myself either worrying about what I 'should' or 'shouldn't' do creatively, or even whether I need to get permission to do something artsy--if I have an audience. For instance, I've been waiting two weeks for a response from a local coffee shop about showing work and have heard nothing back. But, creativity doesn't have to wait for anyone else. I need to remember this. Regardless of whether I have an audience I need to pinpoint my creative goals and just go for it. If one venue or idea doesn't work then I can just skip to the next one without relying too heavily on any one of them. It puts my personal power firmly back into my own hands, which I think is what I need--since I've felt pretty 'blah' and defeated creatively in the past year.

So, here's wishing all of us the creative impetus to trust our own impulses and rush forward in a burst of colorful expression.


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