Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Creative Quad: More Projects

Last night I was wondering whether I should start a new painting project or maybe a whole series. My idea is doing various textile/fabric-themed designs from lots of cultures. I've done this a little bit in a few hand-painted jewelry series but in such a small format (less than 2 inches) there is only so much you can do. I've always loved patterns, and I think they can be as interesting as any other type of artwork.

Anyway, this reading was just messing around with that concept of doing a series (possibly to sell/show) based on these patterns. I thought the answer was pretty helpful. I received the 8 of Pentacles, often seen as the craftsmanship/artisan card. I couldn't have picked out a more specific card from the deck! I do see this card as referring to creative works and commissions, and that 'nose to the grindstone' feeling of working on several projects or one longer project. But it's not really a painful nose to the grindstone state, but one of focus and intent.

The next card to show up was the Emperor, a card frequently seen as one of order, structure and getting stuff doing. It's a very active card. I see this a lot for work readings. It seems very ordered. I think this makes sense, especially paired with the 8 of Pentacles. Following that is the 2 of Pentacles, showing juggling a couple of things at once--perhaps doing more than one thing at a time. I get this card often for folks who do more than one thing--maybe that have one job and another on the side. Or more than one interest. I think this is true of me as well, since I often find myself bouncing between creating things in the kitchen/bath and body, art pieces as well as tarot readings. It also dawned on me that this could mean doing more than one painting piece simultaneously. I thought this was a weird thought when it occurred to me, but one day later it makes more sense. I went to the store this morning to get a wooden board to paint on, and there were only two left. I thought I should buy them both up in case they don't get any new stock in any time soon. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do one or two paintings, but I decided to go ahead and paint the background to both pieces. Then I wondered if I should make them a diptych. So, there you go!

The final card, the 8 of Wands, shows expediency. Something happening right away. It wasn't like, 'Sure, that's a good idea for next year.' It was like, 'Yeah, go ahead! Start right away!' And so I did--started working on it today. I don't know how many pieces I'll end up making or what exact form it will take, but the act of movement, starting on something does have a way of setting things into motion inexorably.

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